Lace Teddies Plus Size

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Indulge in a captivating world of sensuality with enticing collection of plus-size lingerie crafted exclusively for women. Explore the alluring charm of our sexy lace teddies, featuring provocative hollow-out details that enhance your allure.
Our transparent bodysuits redefine elegance, designed to make you feel confident and beautiful. Elevate your intimate moments with our seductive underwear, perfect for igniting passion and excitement.
Each piece in our collection is carefully crafted to accentuate your curves and awaken your inner desires. It’s time to embrace your sensuality and set the mood for unforgettable nights, with our irresistible lingerie options.


Size Bust Waist Hip
S 80-88cm/31.50-34.65” 66-72cm/25.98-28.35” 90-94cm/35.43-37.01”
M 84-92cm/33.07-36.22” 68-74cm/26.77-29.13” 92-96cm/36.22-37.80”
L 88-96cm/34.65-37.80” 70-76cm/27.56-29.92” 94-98cm/37.01-38.58”
XL 92-100cm/36.22-39.37” 72-78cm/28.35-30.71” 96-100cm/37.80-39.37”
XXL 96-104cm/37.80-40.94” 74-80cm/29.13-31.50” 98-102cm/38.58-40.16”
XXXL 100-108cm/39.37-42.52” 76-82cm/29.92-32.28” 100-104cm/39.37-40.94”
XXXXL 104-112cm/40.94-44.09” 78-84cm/30.71-33.07” 102-106cm/40.16-41.73”
XXXXXL 108-116cm/42.52-45.67” 80-86cm/31.50-33.86” 104-108cm/40.94-42.52”
Size:S Bust:80-88cm/31.50-34.65” Waist:66-72cm/25.98-28.35” Hip:90-94cm/35.43-37.01”
Size:M Bust:84-92cm/33.07-36.22” Waist:68-74cm/26.77-29.13” Hip:92-96cm/36.22-37.80”
Size:L Bust:88-96cm/34.65-37.80” Waist:70-76cm/27.56-29.92” Hip:94-98cm/37.01-38.58”
Size:XL Bust:92-100cm/36.22-39.37” Waist:72-78cm/28.35-30.71” Hip:96-100cm/37.80-39.37”
Size:XXL Bust:96-104cm/37.80-40.94” Waist:74-80cm/29.13-31.50” Hip:98-102cm/38.58-40.16”
Size:XXXL Bust:100-108cm/39.37-42.52” Waist:76-82cm/29.92-32.28” Hip:100-104cm/39.37-40.94”
Size:XXXXL Bust:104-112cm/40.94-44.09” Waist:78-84cm/30.71-33.07” Hip:102-106cm/40.16-41.73”
Size:XXXXXL Bust:108-116cm/42.52-45.67” Waist:80-86cm/31.50-33.86” Hip:104-108cm/40.94-42.52”

5 reviews for Lace Teddies Plus Size

  1. Odile (verified owner)

    This lingerie is more than just clothing; it’s a symbol of my confidence and empowerment.

  2. Isla (verified owner)

    Slip into this see-through sensation, and you’ll experience an ambiance of self-assured elegance.

  3. Odette (verified owner)

    This lingerie is more than just fabric; it’s a vessel of beauty and self-assuredness.

  4. Esme (verified owner)

    Couldn’t have made a better choice!

  5. Mabel (verified owner)

    Perfectly satisfied customer.

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